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Vescom Vinyl Wallcoverings

Here at Unidrape, we stock a large range of wallcoverings; including Vescom’s vinyl and textured wallcoverings. In today’s blog we will be explaining the many advantages of using a vinyl wallcovering, for your next interior project.

Vescom’s vinyl wallcoverings aim to provide a solution that is not only aesthetically innovative but also practical and simple. Combining the perfect combination of design, technology and service, Vescom offers a distinctive range of vinyl wallcoverings, in a wide variety of designs, patterns and colour palettes.

What are Vinyl Wallcoverings?
Vinyl wallcoverings are composed of a vinyl facing material with a cotton based backing; making it a very strong and durable, colourfast surface that is heavily resistant to scratches and impact in high traffic areas, such as hallways/landings.


What are the advantages of Vinyl Wallcoverings?
Vinyl wallcoverings are extremely heavy duty and long-lasting, and a Vescom vinyl wallcovering can easily have a lifespan of at least 10 to 15 years! Vinyl wallcoverings are colour fast and resistant to general everyday wear and tear. Rooms with high-activity can really benefit from a vinyl wallcovering; scratchproof and impact-resistant, these wallcoverings make the perfect surface for any room and environment.

One of key benefits of vinyl wallcoverings is that they require minimum care and can be easily cleaned, using standard household cleaners! Vescom wallcoverings can also be supplied with Vescom Protect finish, for additional protection against stains and chemicals; this also provides a hygienic wall surface, that can be disinfected.

The full range of Vescom’s vinyl wallcoverings are fully recyclable and are made in an environment-friendly production process that improves the sustainable production and use of PVC.

What designs/colours are available in Vinyl Wallcoverings?
Vescom’s wallcovering collection has no bounds, allowing you to select the perfect wallcovering from a staggering range of over 150 patterns, available in a palette of over 2,000 colours! Making it the perfect component of an interior design project, to let your imagination run free. The diverse and vast variety of vinyl wallcoverings available allows clients to easily incorporate this easy and affordable wallcovering, to almost any wall surface of their home or project. The collection allows you to either select a subtle, soft and cosy neutral wallcovering for an area such as a Living Room or to make a bold, creative statement in an area such as a Bedroom or Entrance/Hallway.

How do you apply Vinyl Wallcoverings?
Vinyl wallcoverings are efficient and simple to mount, they can be fitted quickly and do not require any drying time, alongside the product being odourless; meaning that rooms can be used immediately after handling the product and applying to the wall. To mount vinyl wallcoverings, specialist Vescom adhesive is required; there are a range of Vescom adhesives available to suit the chosen product and surface, based on the weight/square meterage of the surface area.

What are the prices of Vinyl Wallcoverings & how to purchase?
The price of vinyl wallcoverings varies, dependent on the design and weight of the material, and can range from approximately £19 to £30 (per linear metre). Here at Unidrape we have a large collection of Vescom sample books, to show an amazing range of design and colour combinations for vinyl wallcovering options. We can then order your required quantity (in linear metres) and have it delivered directly to store within a week! Vinyl wallcoverings are definitely a worthwhile investment, with no unexpected additional costs during the standard service life of 10-15 years for a wall/project; making it a cost-effective option, compared to standard wallpapers or paints.



To browse our full range of Vescom Wallcoverings, please visit the showroom or get in touch to view or order samples!