Wooden flooring for a living room interior

Flooring – Trends and Ideas

Flooring trends are constantly changing, not as much as fashion thank god! But home décor and flooring trends are continuously varying. Hardwood flooring trends have changed a lot throughout the years, in 2018 we saw a lot of the medium brown tones and a more rustic look. Another trends that picked up in 2018 were knots and strands, the natural and rough look was very popular. With 2019 we have seen grey tones come on to the scene and they look very luxurious. Carry on reading to see our top picks below.

Spotted 2019: Trends and ideas

The time has come, and you are ready to remodel your hardwood flooring and choose a new design that you have always dreamt of. It’s always so exciting until reality hits and you realise choosing flooring is um…. daunting. Except it doesn’t have to be, below we have listed the flooring trends that we have seen coming into 2019.

Bleached Woods

As we were saying this year, we have seen a lot more people going for grey tones. Not everyone likes the glossy brown stains of wood, for some people they would much rather the whitewashed look of bleached floor this is also a very modern design and can give a room a very clean and fresh feeling.

Distressed Wood

Distressed wood has the look of being a bit weathered and gives off a more rustic texture. This wood has a lot more knots and surface imperfections, than traditional wood would have, these will impact the effect of distressed wood. 

Parquet Flooring 

We’re all very familiar with horizontal and vertical laid wooden flooring. However, if you’ve been looking to have flooring with a bit of a twist, then parquet flooring would be perfect for you! It can make a room look completely different and a bit funky. This is a very eye-catching technique, we’ve seen people use different tones of wood, from the more traditional to the warm honey to tones.








The Power of Rugs

Lots more people are getting colourful or patterned rugs to go over the top of their wooden flooring. It can feel colder in a room if you are used to the carpet and have just switched to laminate or hardwood flooring. Introducing a rug into the room can go a long way for making it feel cosier again. With hardwood flooring, you have more scope for which rug you choose as it is essentially a blank canvas for your room. Therefore, the texture and colour of the rug that you choose is left very open. Shop our rug range here: https://udinteriors.co.uk/collections/rugs

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our blog and it has given you an insight into some of the flooring trends that are about at the moment as they are forever changing.  If you do have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via 01707 376 088 or head over to our contact page