Motorised curtain track blackout and voile curtains

Motorised Window Dressings

Motorisation of blinds and curtains is now both widely available and affordable; what was once considered as a premium product requiring an electrician to provide power sources is now cost effective and simple thanks to the huge variety motorisation options that allow everyone to add a touch of luxury to their window dressings.

There are many benefits to having motorised blinds or curtains installed, including certified child safety and accessibility on hard to reach windows.  When used alongside a Somfy home automation system, products can be controlled via an app from home or when away, as well as the option of 7-day timer control, making an excellent security feature. Motorisation is available for most blinds (including; Roller blinds, Venetian blinds and Roman blinds) as well as curtain tracks; all of which can be controlled via the same handset or app. Lighting, heating and security systems can also be integrated with the system.

Until recently, home automation systems were limited to the houses of the rich and famous. Specialist engineers laid a multitude of cables and racks of electronic control units to enable lighting, home entertainment systems and window treatments to be controlled via a hand held or wall mounted screen.  Smartphones, Bluetooth and app development has changed the market entirely. Devices such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home have made home automation the ordinary for many households.  The plug and play set up and affordable cost of these devices has made them hugely popular, but many homes are not taking advantage of the full range of features they can provide.  It is now possible to control lighting, central heating, blinds and curtains via either of these voice-activated devices; as well as through your smartphone using the Somfy Tahoma or Connexoon interfaces.

Some of our most popular systems use rechargeable lithium-ion battery operated motors. These batteries simply need to be charged 2-3 times a year, using a mains charger that plugs into the motor whilst in situ, meaning the end user does not need to take the product down to charge. These types of motorised blinds are controlled by handsets that are available with numerous ‘channel options’, allowing a series of blinds to be operated both individually and simultaneously, as a group.

Not only can blinds be motorised using lithium-ion technology, but you can now add this luxury to your curtains. Somfy’s Glydea curtain tracks with Irismo batteries allow you to open and close your curtains at the touch of a button. The discreet track allows efficient and sleek operation of all types of curtains, with quiet operation and soft stop and start.

Intelligent motorised systems also provide additional security options for your home. With 7 day timer programming and adjustable pre-programmed scenario settings, your home can look lived in wherever you are.  Even from a sun lounger on holiday, you can control your window dressings and lighting; all from your smartphone!

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