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  • Santa Fe Shutters in Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield

    Our wooden shutters are manufactured from the highest quality basswood and stained or painted in a variety of colours. Available with slats in 47mm, 63mm, 89mm or 114mm widths to fit any size window to any home in the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield areas.

    With a choice of styles and openings, shutters can offer a beautiful and versatile finish to most windows. As well as our range of finishes, we are also able to offer custom paint colours at an additional cost.

    Click here to view the Santa Fe Brochure.

    So if you’re looking for Shutters for your home in Welwyn Garden City or Hatfield areas, we can help. Get in touch today on 01707 376088 for your enquiry, we are always happy to assist you with your shutters enquiry or other home interiors design requirements.

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  • Benefits of window shutters

    Window shutters are often overlooked as a window dressing. Most people tend to turn to curtains or blinds, but this is due to the fact that they don’t know the benefits of window shutters. Some of the benefits of using Shutters in your home are:

    Sound and thermal insulation
    Whilst the shutters are closed, the wooden panels offer a very good option to sound and heat insulation. This works both ways so in the summer months they can work to keep the room cool.

    Low maintenance required
    Blinds and curtains can attract a lot of dust whereas shutters occasionally just need a quick wipe down and no dust will be seen. Shutters are particularly good for people with allergies because they are so easy to keep clean.

    Stylish and luxurious
    Shutters are timeless, stylish and eye-catching window treatment. They can suit every room and give an elegant touch.

    Why choose Unidrape for your shutters
    Our customers’ satisfaction is essential, and we are very proud of the reputation we have built ourselves and gained through many satisfied customers.  

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