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How to Clean Fabric Blinds: Your DIY Guide

Fabric blinds, as opposed to vinyl, aluminium or natural substances like wood, bamboo or grass, are a hugely popular type of blind, but they need to be cleaned correctly to make them last. There are several reasons to choose these blinds;  the variety of colours, textures, and designs available in the fabric is unbeatable. Check out our range of fabric blinds here

They are quite forgiving when it comes to moisture, making them ideal for use in areas where moisture exposure is high, like the kitchen or bathroom. They are also straightforward enough to clean and manage, but not as easy as other types of blinds.

But how to clean them the best way? Read on and get some key cleaning tips from our blinds experts, and make maintenance a breeze!

How to clean fabric blinds

If you have fabric blinds such as Roman blinds you can consider yourself a pretty lucky; fabric blinds are some of the easiest blinds to clean. Fabric blinds such as Roman blinds You only need a damp hot cloth. Rub up and down, and you will see results instantly! You can even clean fabric blinds when they’re hanging.

1. Remove dust

Firstly however you should use a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove the majority of the dust and debris. An upholstery brush is very helpful for cleaning this type of blind at this stage.

2. Wipe down blinds

Following this step, a little warm water and a cleaning cloth will aid with removing remaining dirt and marks.

If you are using pleated fabric shades to cover your windows, you can clean it by merely dampening a piece of cloth with soapy water and then scrubbing each slat. However, take note that high bleachers and acid can fade the natural colors of fabric used, so we advise a mix of water and liquid dish soap (4 cups of water to 1 tbsp washing up liquid). You can also use gentle brands of fabric cleaners.

3. Let dry while hanging

Place a towel underneath the blinds and allow them to drip dry. Simple!

If you wish to dry them more quickly, wipe with a microfiber towel, pressing from top to bottom to wring them out.

4. Regular vacuuming makes for light work

To make maintenance as easy and quick as possible, it’s best to try to use a vacuum cleaner on the blinds as frequently as you can, or even use a handheld vacuum cleaner for ease. Doing this every day will reduce the chances of dust piling up so you won’t have to do a deep clean quite so often.

Fabric blinds, while a gorgeous addition to the house, can be harder to clean than wooden or aluminium blinds. Vacuuming weekly is a good idea to prevent dirt build up, but sometimes a bit more will have to be done. Never use cleansers on fabric blinds because they can easily stain. For more cleaning help, check out this cleaning guide with pictures

Just like window drapes, fabric blinds to latch on to smoke, dust, and grime quickly. So, after a while, they dissipate their shine and start viewing dirty and dingy. To keep the fabric blinds neat and bright, it is suggested that you wash them once every quarter. We hope this guide was helpful! Come back again to our blog for more help of blind care and maintenance, or to view our fabric blinds ranges, visit our blinds page.