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Top 5 Styles of Furniture

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Furniture has existed for as long as we can remember. We shop for it online and in stores every day, but do we really know the different styles that exist out there? Those of us who are enlightened enough to know the different styles of furniture have certainly been applying the idea of styles whenever they shop. However, there are those who just don’t like any specific style while others know the styles, but they don’t give much thought to it. To them, any style is okay. Or even a mixture of the styles can do for them. If you don’t know the styles of furniture that exist, here are the top 5:

1. The Modern Furniture Style

The furniture that falls into this category is those that were designed either in the US or Europe after World War II. This is the typical classing of those that were designed during this period, but it doesn’t mean that all that was designed at the time belong to the class. The modern style of furniture is characterized by geometric and clean lines which appear very sleek. They don’t spot a lot of curves or patterns. The dominating colours of the modern designs are solid colours. The subsets of modern style furniture include Art Deco, Lacquers, Retro, and Southwest.

2. The Contemporary Furniture Style

The contemporary designs of furniture are the ones that are in existence today. Styles do change and as such, what is contemporary now isn’t the same as that which was contemporary in the 80s, during the early 2000 or even presently. Contemporary styles are made up of a wide range of designs and they can fit with most other styles one may be having at home. Currently, the trending contemporary furniture is classified as European, American, or Japanese. Similar to the modern furniture style, contemporary style furniture feature straight and sleek geometric lines. They are made of very light or dark colours, smooth metals, lots of glass, and wood, making them easy to maintain and can fit anywhere in the house.

3. The Traditional Furniture Style

When you see traditional furniture, the first thing that comes to your mind is home. This style uses patterns such as florals and plaids. The woods used are the warm and rich ones such as cherry and mahogany. The most common metals used include bronze and brass. Some traditional furniture is ornate, but most are casual. With correct use, the traditional furniture can easily make you feel at home.



4. The Classic Furniture Style

In comparison to the traditional style of furniture, the classic furniture style is often more ornate. The main difference between the two is that the latter may appear as though it belongs to the museum while the former has a feel that is richer. Classic furniture exists in a number of subgroups which include Georgian,

Tudor, Victorian, Louis XV, and French Provincial, among others.

5. The Vintage Furniture Style

These are the long-lasting furniture that is made of materials of the best quality. The vintage pieces of furniture are older but can last a lifetime without significantly getting damaged. They are associated with the mid-century which existed in most places. Vintage furniture is of different styles and has different costs of buying.


Whatever your taste is, these are the 5 top styles of furniture that you can have in your house. You’re also at liberty to mix the styles and come up with a style you feel best suits you if you so desire. The list of options for mixing the styles is endless.

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