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Most popular styles of shutters

There are many different styles of shutters which can either be categorised as exterior or interior. Which one befits your home depends on the architecture or décor of your home. However, your taste is another vital consideration to take. In the world of shutters today, there are a variety of functional and fun shutters to choose from. The huge number of shutter styles makes it relatively difficult to make a choice. If you’re looking to make a choice for your home, here are the most popular shutters that you should take into consideration:

1. Louvred Exterior Shutters

These are lovely window shutter that is made with overlapping uniform wood slats which are set into a frame. They’re very popular among different home architectures and décor. For a natural look, you can have your louvred shutters simply stained. Alternatively, you can make choice of a paint colour that’s eye-popping in order to have them set against a home style with white saltbox.

2. Raised Panel Exterior Shutters

Raised Panel Exterior shutters can be used alongside a coordinating window box in order to come up with an inviting style of the country garden but still remain formal. Raised panel shutters are a decorative style of the shutter for any home. They can be used to give the home a different feel, depending on the décor used.

3. Board and Batten Exterior Shutters

The board and batten exterior window shutters can be found in various styles. They can be spaced or joined and arch-top or square in style. As implied by their name, board and batten exterior shutters are constructed from boards which are joined with battens or shorter crosspieces together. For instance, arch-black style can be great if you have curved windows.

4. Shaker Style Interior Shutters

The Shaker Style Interior shutters have solid panels which are flat. They help in blocking out bright lights as well as bad weather. There are functionally simple and plain, making them the perfect match for the traditional Shaker shutter style.

5. Plantation Exterior Shutters

If you’d love to give your home that laid-back Southern look, then, the Plantation Exterior Shutters are the way to go. The functional plantation exterior shutters are perfect for this. These exterior shutters have wide louvres that which you can close when it’s stormy but you can also open them to allow some warm breeze into the premise.

6. Café Style Interior Shutters

These shutters borrow their name from the French cafés in which they’re rather common and popular. Identifying Café Style Interior Shutters is relatively easy. Usually, they’re louvred and cover just the window’s bottom half so that the patrons of the café can have some privacy.

7. Cut-Out Exterior Shutters

Every person can use their own creativity in order to customise cut-out design exterior shutters. You can have shapes like stars, ships and shapes other that are geometric in nature. These shapes are the most common choices for cut-out shutter style popularised in the early 20th century.

8. Scandinavian Exterior Shutters

The Scandinavian Exterior shutters are characteristically identified by their design of joined board-and-batten which is solid. They also feature a dressing of bright colours and cut-outs. They can be closed to keep out snowstorms and howling blizzards. In snowy Alpine regions, they’ve got spots of colours provided by their decorations.

9. Combination Exterior Shutters

As the name suggests, combination exterior shutters are a result of a combination of two or more styles of shutters. The combined styles include raised panel, louvred and cut-out combo. Combination shutters are great for those looking for uniqueness by using the shutters to reflect their personality and style.