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How to clean vertical blinds without taking them down

Experts reiterate that all vertical blinds should preferably be cleaned while still hanging in the places where they usually are. This should be the case with all the types of the vertical blinds which are made of plastic, wood, and fabric. Most people believe that if they soak their blinds in warm water, they’ll end up with well-cleaned blinds. This is not the case. Rather, the procedure damages the blinds by causing the fraying of the fabric of the blinds. Besides, putting back the blinds in their place after washing them can be a tricky affair. To be able to carry out the cleaning of the blinds without taking them down, there are certain steps that you can follow. It’s, however, important to note your blind’s cleaning instructions. Also, test the fastness of the colour of your blinds in a small area before proceeding. The following steps will help you clean your blinds right where they are:

1. Dusting the vertical blinds
By the use of a microfiber cloth, try to dislodge loose dirt or dust from the slat of the blinds. Alternatively, you can do this by using a blind duster that is specially designed for that purpose. Take caution not to use dusters that are featherweight as they just push the dirt and dust around, not actually dislodging them. You should avoid using such dusters as possible. Another cheaper option for dusting is the use of your old sock. Turn it inside out and use it to dust. When you are dusting, work your way from the top as you head for the bottom. This should be repeated for every slat on the blind.

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2. Vacuuming the vertical blinds
The second step following the dusting stage is the vacuuming stage. Dusting doesn’t remove all the dust as they should be. Here, make use of the brush that is attached to the vacuum cleaner to clear any loose dirt and dust that remain on the slats. Again, vacuuming should be done from the top heading downwards to the lower end of the blinds. This is done to avoid unhooking of the slats. Be keen enough to remove all or most of the dust and dirt that may have remained after the first procedure.

3. Cleaning the vertical blinds
Thirdly, dilute a detergent in a bowl or bucket. It’s preferable to ensure the container is filled with the dilute detergent though. Into the container of detergent, dip a microfiber cloth, squeezing any excess liquid out. Watch out to ensure that the blinds don’t become too wet. Also, if you make the water too hot, it may cause the slats of your blind to start fraying and losing shape. When starting out, have the cloth pinched around the very first slat. As you do this, work downwards starting from the top and pulling all the way down to dislodge the dust. After cleaning each slat, don’t forget to rinse the cloth. When the cleaning solution becomes too dirty, ensure you change it. If you come across dirt that is too stubborn, you can add baking soda to the solution.

These three steps are extremely helpful in cleaning vertical blinds without having to pull them down. When going through the steps, don’t forget to have a towel placed under the blind. This helps prevent any damages to the carpets and flooring.

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