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How to choose the right window blinds

Window blinds serve a number of purposes in our homes; they add to the external look of the house, control light, increase insulation, and generally serve for home décor. It is therefore vital that the choice of blind for the window is right. To choose the right window blinds, there are a number of considerations that you should make, and that’s why our blinds experts have put together a fool-proof set of guidelines to help you avoid making a mistake when selecting your window blinds.

If you’re new to blinds, first check out our blinds page to learn more about the different types of blinds you can choose for your home, and see some of the designs and materials available. However, if you have a good idea of the sort of blinds on the market and just need some advice on where to from there, take the following factors into your considerations when choosing your blinds to ensure you get the right ones first time:

– The type of your room your blinds will be in

Since different rooms have different purposes, each will need to have a different kind of blind for its windows. Take for an example the bathroom, a suitable blind for the bathroom must basically be able to do two things; resist moisture and offer privacy. A craft room or a studio should typically have a blind that allows much natural light.

– Safety of your blinds

The safety of the occupants of a house is a top factor to be considered when choosing window blinds. Children are the most vulnerable group if safety is not taken into account. Ensure you only buy blinds that do not pose a danger to your children when in the house, whether you are there with them or not.

– Durability of your blinds

No one wants to keep buying window blinds every other day. Hence, it is a good practice to shop for strong durable blinds. After you have considered the most basic factors, durability should definitely be part of your considerations.

– Location of the room

In our homes, and our rooms are located differently. The location of the room will determine whether you pick on bottom-up or top-down window blinds. A room facing the streets or other homes in the neighbourhood should be fitted with bottom-up window blinds. This is especially appropriate if privacy is the goal.

– How much do your blinds cost

With all other considerations made, the budget becomes the next major determining force. It is always good to shop for items that fit your budget. There are many different window blinds out there to choose from. It is, however, you who knows how much you have to spend on them. So, before you settle for the expensive blind that you saw your neighbour buy, seriously take finances into account.

– Decoration

The beauty level you want to achieve by using a window blind is another factor you need to consider. To get a good feel for your room, choose the vertically patterned blinds. If you are looking for a plantation style of decoration, you can shop for natural, horizontal wood blinds. Typical aluminium blinds and mini-window blinds are inexpensive and can be used to beautifully coordinated for any room.

– Window features

The features of a window are something to ponder before choosing a given blind, including the view through it, the light type entering it, and the window location with respect to the room. A fully opening and closing blind is suitable for windows with scenic and beautiful views. Small kitchen windows located above the sink may not need any blinds at all.

There are a plethora of window blinds that exist for your choosing. The best choice, however, depends on how well you know what you are looking for in a window blind. The above 7 factors can help you decide on the most suitable blinds for each of the rooms in your house, but for more information check out our blinds page, visit us in store or contact our team today.