How to Choose the Perfect Curtains For You

As an interior designer wills tell you, curtains shape a room — however only when selected appropriately. Elegant curtains offer colour, texture, and pattern to a house.

However, how do you choose the finest style for your scheme?

Begin by determining whether you need a formal, casual, old or modern-day style. You also require taking practical concerns into consideration. These may include the transparency and weight of the material, the shape, and position of the window.

As far as window treatments are concerned, it’s just a matter of fabric, colour, length, and lining. Also, factors such as off-the-shelf versus custom-made come into play.

With so many choices, it’s natural to be confused. Therefore, we have narrowed down to the following options to help you some inspiration when selecting the perfect curtains for your home.

1. Quick and Easy Ready-Mades

For promptness and suitability, ready-made curtains can be a great alternative. Here is what you should take into consideration when determining whether they are the appropriate choice for your room.


  • They go at reasonable prices.
  • You can purchase them off-the-shelf and carry them home ready for use.
  • They are frequently washable, are quite easy to clean
  • You will discover a good variety of colours, comprising lively shades of washable cotton.

blue curtains with patterns


  • You are constrained to standard lengths – usually 182cm, 136cm and 228cm among other few
  • If you need a specific pattern or shade, you might not get a ready-made curtain to match.
  • The finish is occasionally lower quality compared to made-to-measure curtains. Always ensure that you see the unwrapped drape prior to purchasing.


2. Tailor Made Curtains


  • They are designed to a specific width and length to accurately suit your window.
  • You can choose any material you prefer, provided the weight is appropriate.
  • You can select how the drape is fastened to the rod or track it to complement your room.
  • The excellent lining will enhance the manner in which they drape and the protection they provide.
  • Pillows and other easy-going fittings can be set to match them.

 tailor made curtains



  • They are costly, and you may require factoring the cost of laundering.
  • They are difficult to relocate to different windows.
  • You must measure them cautiously as errors will be pricey.


The Type of Fabric

Hands-on and style concerns take effect here.

  • Privacy – average to heavy-duty drapes will shelter windows however they might prevent valuable daylight. Spread your pole away from the window edge of the windows so that curtains prepared by heavy material would not barricade light when opened. Blend them with light sheers to preserve your discretion when letting in light.
  • Warmness – heavier materials like velvet and cotton will eliminate breezes, just like medium -weight materials, if interlined.
  • Light – light fabrics allow daylight to sieve through, however light colours reflect. If breezes and privacy are not an issue, consider using unlined drapes or sheers, unaccompanied or collectively with a blind.

Off-The-Shelf and Custom Window Treatments

Custom treatments provide many paybacks: You can modify the measurements the window size and generate a tailored appearance, like an adequately-fitted suit. Custom sections come in boundless design preferences, from fabrics to header style. With such preferences, comes a substantial price variance from standard curtain panels.

We hope this blog gave you some valuable ideas for your next curtain transformation. If you have any questions, please do feel free to give us a ring with 01707 376 088 or fill out our contact form.