modern bedroom with wooden bed white sheets and black lamps

Bedroom Lighting Trends for 2019

Interior design can be a very difficult thing to tackle, with new trends and designs coming in and out of fashion very quickly. Interior lighting is often a central aspect of your home’s design. Your home is your own place to manipulate and make your own, the lighting design can make a huge change from each room. What works in the kitchen won’t work in the bedroom and bathroom. The lighting reflects the function of the room and how the space feels. 

What’s the most popular lighting to have in 2019

Lighting in the bedroom can completely change your room, it is incredible how much of a difference that lighting can make. 

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is very eccentric. Properly positioned rope lighting can help create a warm, calm and relaxing mood in your bedroom.

Portable Bedside Lamps

Portable bedside lamps offer great flexibility and functionality. If you love to read and you have a partner who prefers to sleep, then you can get portable reading lamps that you can use to read while your partner won’t be disturbed.

Standing Lamps and Table Lamps

Table and standing lamps provide accent lighting. Standing lamps usually provide design flexibility because it is very easy to move them around in a different arrangement. Table lamps also provide good lighting when reading. Lamps are often seen as the ‘boring’ option, but they are very on-trend right now, people are loving them in geometric shapes to add a bit of a twist.


Lately, lots of people have fallen in love with golds, grey and greige (a mix between grey and beige). People are loving this colour scheme all over the house, the soft yellow gold or rose gold looks great on the head of lamps or even on lampshades.

Matte finishes 

A more traditional style that has come back around into people’s houses is a matte finish, it is become increasingly popular to have a matte grey finish on the light cover and lampshade. Lots of people have lampshades like this on a larger scale in metal looking style with a rose gold colour on the inside of the lampshade. 


Marble has been huge in 2019 so far and is still growing and proving to be more and more popular. Marble bases look great with the soft gold accents on the lamp these 2 complement each other greatly. 

Sculptural shapes 

Sculptural shapes can also be a great and interesting feature of your bedroom, these can make an amazing decorative feature and can add a lot to a plainly decorated room. They can be a real statement piece- these can be fitted to the wall, ceiling or a standing lamp. 

Which one of these trends do you reckon that you will try? Or do you have something completely different in mind and be a trendsetter? If you have any questions please get in touch on 01707 376 088 or alternatively head over to our contact page and fill in our online contact form.